Jehanne Unscharf in Bucharest

Jehanne Unscharf meditation scene 1
Waterboarding as a theatrical spectacle, Jeanne Hamilton, October 2012
Jeh waterboarding final scene Bucharest 2012
A contemporary Joan d’Arc struggles and lashes out at her surroundings, demanding justice amid harassment and torture aimed at revealing her gender and her purpose. Using post/modern symbols such as the mundane act of eating a hamburger and the torture method of waterboarding, Jehanne undergoes inner and outer “trial”.
The second element of the performance articulates the connection between gender and psychological testing / diagnosis. Inspired by an American personality test used by the US government to field candidates for positions involving top secret information (and since its development in the 50’s, used worldwide), a voice recites the test questions as the performer on stage reacts and interacts physically with the voice (her own?)

Sex Changer
JehUnscharf crazed
Jeh Aint no grave gospel clapping

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