Jehanne – Jenseits/Unschärfe – Interrogation Scene

This solo performance utilizes text inspired by the US-American psychological testing tool, the MMPI and MMPI-2 (Minnesota Multi-phasic Personality Inventory). This test has been a central instrument for the diagnosis of so-called mental and/or psychological “illnesses” and “disturbances” since the 1950’s. The approximately 567 “items” or statements that comprise the test are statements, which the test-taker (also referred to as the “client”) must answer with either true or false as to whether or not it describes them.
The necessary biographical information for this analysis is the age, gender, marital status and years of education of the patient.
The outcomes of these answers are calculated in a mysterious process that only “experts” can interpret, due to the complexity and inexplicability of the language of evaluation. Items found in this test include: I have never been in trouble because of my sex behaviour; I have often wished I were a girl. (Or if you are a girl) I have never been sorry that I am a girl; I like mechanics magazines; My father was a good man; I am very strongly attracted by members of my own sex.
This performance consists of a solo drag king performer, a contemporary Joan d’Arc, who is on a “mission” while „acting out“ in reaction to her persecution and trial. The Delphin is replaced by the MMPI and burning at the stake is replaced by her waterboarding herself. The first version of this performance, which debuted in Budapest in 2008, has evolved into this form, having debuted in Hanover, Germany, with the items in the sound piece both in English and German with the performer partially improvising emotion and using various props in a spectacle-reenactment of a nervous breakdown.

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