Public Humiliation 3



The performance-orientated Viennese Volksgemeinschaft (people’s community) has no room for useless eaters, dead weights, social welfare recipients, beggars, “work-shy” individuals, alcoholics,vagabonds, nomads, refugees, asylum seekers, communists, criminal queers, mad people, poor foreigners, sex workers, antisocial youth. In order to economize on food, medicine, shelters and social assistance, crucial institutional decisions for reduction have to be taken. Social exclusion and annihilation-to-come, expulsion and deportation take the first performative steps through exposure: presenting the schleppers in tabloid media, “investigating” Roma crimes, and gathering audiences for public humiliations. Various kinds of deviant behavior pose a threat to the projected bourgeois normalcy as ‘asocial’ or gemeinschaftsfremd (alien to the community). To mark deviance, humiliation functions as a necessary personal burden for the public by seeing and recognizing the face of the enemy.

Quotes from passersby during performance:
“Is this performance/action art?”
“Do you have to do this? Who is making you do this?”

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