Memorial für BdG, Cologne



In Cologne

The death of my former professor, Head of Photography at the Art Institute of Chicago, and my artistic mentor, Barbara de Genevieve, brought together a modest group of 4 together on the banks of the Rhein after midnight to commemorate and mourn her death in August.

Water saved from a performance done in my first course with Barbara (2000) was transported from the USA to Germany in plastic 3 fl. oz. travel size bottles purchased at Walgreens drug store. The water contained skin flakes that were rubbed off my arms, legs and body during the scrubbing off of text written in black permanent marker, eventually running into a pale of water.

Eight bottles total were transported in my carry-on baggage. The water in the bottles was then emptied/squirted/sprayed into the Rhein as we howled at the full moon and cursed and cried. To commemorate the memories of our professor, I wrote some quotations from memory or from the evening on my leg. Haunting and grainy, these photographs, made my Tobaron Waxman, effectively capture the haze of mourning, the darkness and some motion behind rejoicing despite desperate feelings of loss. 10707992_10152276031581386_462753189_n 10708080_10152276031911386_1450459716_n 10708435_10152276031821386_1484290122_n 10711305_10152276031876386_1898365775_n 10714898_10152276031971386_1319210032_n 2014-08-15 10.30.03 2014-08-15 10.29.42 2014-08-15 10.47.35 2014-08-25 22.12.37 photo 1 photo 3

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