Death & Loss: The performance concerns split personality as method to exorcise desperation. The lecture phase declares how the artist deals with it. The dance phase uses dancing as attempt at exorcism and togetherness. Emotion-semaphore phase refers to the language of flag signaling as well as movement in general to communicate. In the third phase of the evening, people are invited to develop and practice their own semaphore moves.


Die Performance händelt sich um Persönlichkeitsspaltung als Methode zur Austreibung der Verzweifelung. Der Vortrag-Phase erklärt, wie the Artist sich damit umgeht. Tanz-Phase geht um Tanz als Exorzismus-Versuch und Beisammensein. Emotion-Semaphore nimmt Bezug auf Winksignale und Bewegung allgemein, die was kommunizieren. In der dritten Phase des Abends wird das Publikum in Begleitung von TheModernDoor Performance-Gruppe eingeladen, ihre eigene Semaphore zu entwickeln und üben.

Premiere at Ateliergemeinschaft Faust, Hanover, Germany, October 2016

A Performance in three phases.


A warm welcome, my honoured audience, my beings. I am very pleased that you came! I hope that you see new as well as familiar faces and have already spoken to some unknown to you. This evening is conceptualized, above all, as a party, although heavy topics are on the list, primarily DEATH & LOSS.
The evening will be made up of three phases.
The first phase begins now and consists of a lecture-performance and singing, ca. 15 minutes.
The second phase acts as a guide to the topic loss, and then we hold a short dance party.
The third phase includes a communication-rich experience, as we all attempt a broadly-defined, semaphore (movement vocabulary using flags) in order to communicate our feelings/opinions about death and loss –funny and not very funny.







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