Artist Statement

I attempt the epiphany, the emotion, the surging, the enunciation of pain and confusion. Articulating affective states through diverse avenues of performance, painting and collage, I identify the tremor, the shock and pleasure to the body that is the social and the gendered; revelation, purging and learning are integral to the development of my works, which lead the audience/viewer into a headspace but doesn’t dictate an exit. Whether the content is biographical, autobiographical, historical, and/or theoretical, I am interested in epiphany through art-making, bringing the privately suffered to the public sphere of acknowledgement and acceptance or change. My process involves academic research, exchange and self-reflection. I create a space to galvanize, inspire and motivate dialogue among the audience and me about topics regarding disorder (in the sense of un-ordered or chaotic, not pathological), as well as desires and drives.