The Modern Door @Hotspot in Kunst- halle Faust, Hanover

Performance on 26 March at Kunsthalle-Faust, Hanover, Germany

TheModernDoor: A band at your fingertips, always tailored to the needs of the listener: We have places under the sun, a boat is included. After a lot of ups and downs, we settled down. Up here where the black water is silent, we propose prostration. The song is ready and calm, that there must be neither waiting nor heavy-chest feeling among the spruces. (N.M.)

With our original musical events and songs as accompaniment, we performed improvising–reacting to our album, A Grand Party, while acting out three scenes, each developed/directed by one of us for the other two.


The instrument collection sits before us, from which we pull and push out the sound based on pre-determined themes, including “animal pain”, “underwater music”, and “orgy”, six in total, which were then played on TheModernDoor radio (


Jeanne’s dramaturgical demand was the shaving of one half of one part of the body. Nick – face, Josh – chest, Jeanne – legs

DSC01040Nick wraps Jeanne in a tarp and sticks candles into her mouth.DSC_0023DSC_0006DSC_0007DSC01089

Musical session begins.DSC_0080DSC_0095DSC_0051

The Modern Door Band: Ein Band zum Greifen nah, immer auf die Bedürfnisse des Hörers zugeschnitten: Wir verfügen über Plätze unter der Sonne, auch ein Boot ist bereits inklusive. Nach langem Auf und Ab Gehen, haben wir uns niedergelassen. Hier oben, wo das schwarze Wasser schweigt, schlagen wir würzeln. Das Gesang ist so weit und rühig, dass es auch Warten sein kein – oder Schweres-Brustkorb-Gefühl zwischen Fichten.

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